Medical Blue StaClean™ Face Mask, Coated with XTI-360™

StaClean™ Face Mask - Medical Blue - 5qty

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XTI-360™ Coated, Flat, Face Mask - Medical Blue - 5qty

StaClean™ face mask, coated with XTI-360™. This world-exclusive nanocoating technology kills and vaporizes dangerous virus and bacteria germs virtually on contact. It’s 100% safe, green, RoHS compliant, and has no chemical binder. In a “civilian” (general public) context, our StaClean™ mask will continue to provide XTI-360™, germ-killing protection for as long as you protect the integrity of the mask.  Simply expose the mask to any type of light (sunlight or artificial) in between uses.  While our XTI-360™ nanoparticles will continue to work in the dark, exposure to 20 minutes of light in between uses will keep the XTI-360™ coating fully charged, as if it was just factory applied. Please note: unlike cotton “fashion masks”, which provide little effective filtration value, any disposable mask will deteriorate over time with wear and tear, even in “civilian” use.  That’s why they are labeled, “disposable.”  However, for its full useful life (not damaged or stretched), a StaClean™ mask will filter dangerous, aerosolized virus and bacteria germs much more effectively than any cotton mask and will continue to provide XTI-360™ germ-killing protection.

Type:               Surgical style facemask
Color:              Medical Blue
Sizes:               Adult, Youth/Young Adult
Layers:             3
BFE:                 >99

Filter Layer:      Genuine Melt Blown
Packaging:       Each mask individually wrapped then placed in outter packaging.