XTI-360™ Information

XTI-360™ with Active-Shield™ is the world’s first and only safe, proven, and continuously self-cleaning coating that can deliver over 99.9% efficacy  (independently confirmed by SGS laboratories) without the use of a bonding agent. This 100% safe and green, nanocoating technology, can be used on food surfaces and is RoHS compliant, which makes it technology friendly. XTI-360™ can be applied quickly to virtually any type of surface, to make that surface self-cleaning.  In addition to building surfaces, XTI-360™ can be used to protect furniture, carpeting, fixtures,  and various consumer items (computer keyboards, cell phones, tablets, TV remotes, pens, etc.). 

XTI-360™ breaks down, kills, and vaporizes virus and bacteria germs, and eliminates odors, 24/7, even in the dark.  Unlike coatings that mechanically pierce virus germs, XTI-360™ leaves no residue from virus germs that can turn toxic over time.  XTI-360™ germ-killing nanoparticles “recharge” when exposed to light (sunlight or artificial), making XTI-360™ with Active-Shield™ the first and only long-term, self-cleaning, binderless solution, providing proven* continuous protection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for at least a year, after just one treatment.

XTI-360™ is applied using a fine spray, to ensure that all coated areas are completely covered.  It is invisible, odorless, and won’t cause any damage or discoloration to treated surfaces, a common problem with other “self-cleaning” coatings.  And, because XTI-360™ adheres to surfaces at a nanoscopic level, it will not wear out, rub off, or peel off like stick-on plastic coatings or films. For more information on XTI-360™, visit XTI-360's Website.